Certification ISO 14001

Certification ISO 14001


Environmental management system ISO 14001


Do you want to reduce your organisation’s operating costs thanks to the environmental management system?

Is the implementation of the environmental management system a prerequisite in order to enter a tender?

Are you committed to confirming that your organisation care about the natural environment in its everyday activity?



ISO 14001 certification in DEKRA


ISO 14001 certification in DEKRA constitutes an objective proof that companies and institutions function in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner. DEKRA certificate confirms the effectiveness of the procedures implemented by an entity that take into account the influence of the organisation’s activity on the environment, and, at the same time, increases its reliability.



What is ISO 14001?


ISO 14001 is a world-leading, international standard for the implementation of an environmental management system. ISO 14001 standard was developed in order to support companies and organisations in the scope of environmental protection and reducing air pollution in accordance with the idea of sustainability.


ISO 14001 certificate issued by DEKRA is an objective proof of meeting the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard through an Environmental Management System implemented.



Whom is ISO 14001 for?


Environmental Management System certification based on the ISO 14001 standard is addressed to all organisations active in any sector.


ISO 14001 certification is particularly recommended to:

  • manufacturing companies
  • energy companies,
  • enterprises dealing with waste water treatment and recycling,
  • trade and service companies (including medical ones).

After signing an agreement, in an agreed time, Polish auditors with many years of experience, knowledge of the standard and the specificity of a given sector visit company offices in order to review the system documentation, conduct interviews and take a closer look at its activity.


Every year, DEKRA conducts around 150 audits of the Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001.


ISO 14001 audit report will be analysed by other DEKRA experts.


DEKRA certificate, which confirms the organisation’s compliance with the ISO 14001 standard requirements, is recognised and respected by companies and institutions in Poland and worldwide.


Certification ISO 14001 at DEKRA